Sunday Service

We at Bow Congregational Church are pleased to say that the church is open for Sunday Services. Please wear a mask on arrival.  

Once sat masks can be removed however when we sing you are requested to wear a mask.

Thank you for your understanding as we are following government guidelines and this can change as and when we are advised.

Ukraine Prayers Update 

Written by Stephen Haward Minister at Market Harborough Congregational Church and his daughter who has friend in Russia and Ukraine

Eternal God,
We hold before you this morning the peoples of Ukraine and of Russia.
We pray for those who are in despair today because they see their homeland invaded and those they love in danger.
Bind up their hearts, O God, and give them strength to care for one another.
We pray for those who are in despair today because their children on national service have been placed in the front of the Russian advance. 
Bind up their hearts, O God, and give them certainty in your love. 
We pray for our own and other nations, expressing their concern, but finding it hard to turn that concern into anything that really helps.
Take from us all, O God, any desire to lord it over others, and make us ready to sacrifice what is easy for the sake of what is good, so that your lordship over us might be a witness to the world.
In the name of Jesus the Prince of Peace,
                                   S Haward and J McColm,25th February 2022


Mission Statement

Bow Congregational Church

exists to encourage people into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

We want to incorporate people

into a local church family to

enable them to express their love for God

and develop a deeper knowledge

and understanding of Him

and to equip people to

love and serve one another

 At Bow Congregational Church
we seek to provide an environment where people can meet with Jesus,
grow in faith
serve each other and the community 


If you or anyone you know needs assistance with the Foodbank please contact

Steve Gill at Crediton Foodbank


We are praying that a new pastor will take up the part time post in the foreseeable future.

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